photo portrait. What do the faces of beautiful Ukrainian girls

Today more and more people soak in virtual world of the internet and especially of dating sites. Online photo albums replaced simple albums we used to collect printed photos in about ten or fifteen years ago. A ‘like’ sign replaced words ‘I like it’, ‘good’, and ‘wonderful’, and employees examine pages of applicants in social networks in details. Well, today we’ll talk about photos from dating sites of Ukrainian dating agencies.

A character of Ukrainian (as well as all the other) girls consists of many components and can’t be somewhat static and simple. To know more of your virtual bride one must have much time. Though you can draw a sketch of character traits by a photo, you’ll need some time and attention for that…

1. Look at a manner of dressing of a girl you like. On photos she’s dressed with taste or with pretension, shocks with her suit or just makes her image complete. Demonstrativeness, originality (or a wish to look original), braveness, independence or vanity. One can assert all this if there are many non-standard decisions in her appearance. However, be careful with your interpretations. For example, a modest suit may conceal suspiciousness, reserved character, dastardliness and carefulness, a taste for manipulating and even tyranny. And it may mean a remarkable individual who is not interested in the world of things at all.

2. Use some postulates of physiognomics defining a character of a girl by her portrait photo. Psychologists connect various traits of a personality with various parts of a face. For example, according to an expressiveness of a line of eyebrows one can judge about one’s power of character, one’s energy and a woman’s attitude to business – how much she is ready to follow through the line. A straight forehead line speaks of a good contact with people, knowing how to build relations.

Expressed, sharply defined upper cheekbones are a sign of being risky as a character trait. Besides, it is considered that it may also mean a responsibility to use one’s right for a risk and win. Broad lower cheekbones warn you that it’s hard to argue with such a Ukrainian woman, that she feels herself sure and firm. Examine attentively in the photo the most expressive object on her face – a nose. It is considered that a round, pulpy end of a nose demonstrates a generous and kind nature that Ukrainian brides are so much famous for, and a narrow one means a suspicious nature. A nose with a small protuberance reveals a woman’s wisdom and points at her commerciality or materialistic orientation. Snooty noses often tell about childish naivety and some romanticism of a Ukrainian girl.

Oksana, 27 y/o, Odessa   Alena, 25 y/o, Kharkov
Natalya, 30 y/o, Odessa   Daria, 19 y/o, Rivne

Angelina, 25 y/o Kharkiv   Kateryna, 27 y/o, Kiev
Marina, 30 y/o, Nikolaev   Alexandra, 27 y/o Kiev
Olga, 20 y/o Kiev   Ludmila, 28 y/o, Lviv
Asya, 26 y/o, Brovary   Irina, 29 y/o, Kiev
Ekateryna, 25 y/o Chernigiv   Karina, 25 y/o Odessa
Anastasiya 21 y/o, Nikolaev   Valeriya, 26 y/o Lugansk

Yuliya, 25 y/o Zaporozhye   Diana, 29 y/o, Odessa
Anna, 23 y/o Krivoy Rig   Marina, 30 y/o, Kharkov
Asya, 19 y/o Odessa   Zhenya, 30 y/o Chernigiv