single ladies from Ukraine: photos of brunette women

A popular comedy with Marilyn Monroe ‘Gentlemen prefer blondes’ gave birth to an anecdote continuing it: ‘…but they marry brunettes and sleep with red ones’. It’s hard to question statistics: in Ukraine a polling about men’s preferences within marriage was made. Only every fifth man voted for blondes, while every third asserted that he was a follower of brunette girls. So is the anecdote not just a joke?

In reality Ukrainian brunette women are a hope and a backbone of men. And not only in everyday life – dark hair suggests being delicate, mysterious, and passionate. Recollect photos from magazines’ covers: sexy women’s lingerie is more often advertised by brunettes (blondes in advertisements are trusted everything connected with cleanness).

If you quickly look through the photos in our gallery, the first thing that strikes an eye is a brightness of images. In the photos Ukrainian brunette women look not just sexy and mysteriously, but even provokingly. Dark hair is naturally stronger and thicker, that’s why automatically possessors of dark hair look much classier than their opposites.

As a rule, Ukrainian ladies with a dark or black hair color are autocratic and energetic, that’s why ‘femme fatales’ originate from them. At the same time, they easily undertake man’s suffering and pain. Among positive qualities men endue brunettes with the first place is occupied by intelligence (blondes are usually refused in this quality, it’s a power of prejudice based on widespread errors). Brunettes are very purposeful persons: they are inborn tacticians and strategists – in their majority they achieve what they want. According to the statistics, girls with a dark hair color are considered to be more responsible mothers and wives, often not limited by one child in their family, while according to the number of pregnancies terminated according to non-official statistics the blonde women take a lead.

In these photos it seems that the best qualities of appearance of a woman are combined in brunettes. A fine mind, beauty and graciousness, tenderness, uncontrolled passion, sexuality, an impudent and a bit wicked look, silky dark hair, smooth skin, beautiful bodies… Such girls are good at sex – and that drives any man crazy.

Those who got acquainted with brunettes from Ukraine on a dating site are awesomely lucky: beauty of dark-hared women is bright, their mind is sharp, and their heart is hot. However, not to be blind and be burned you should know the approach.

Victoria, 27 y/o Odessa   Inna, 19 y/o Kiev
Anastasiya, 26 y/o Nikolaev   Irina, 32 y/o Odessa
Yulia 27 y/o Kiev   Katya, 22 y/o Kherson

Liliya, 35 y/o Ternopil   Elena, 31 y/o Kiev
Irina, 27 y/o Kiev   Elena, 27 y/o Nikolaev
Oksana, 32 y/o Zhitomir   Irina, 26 y/o Lugansk
Alena, 22 y/o Nizhnee   Yanina, 27 y/o Kremenchug
Dariya, 27y/o Radomishl, Ukraine   Olesya, 30 y/o Nikolaev Ukraine

Valentina, 23 y/o Kiev Ukraine   Marianna, 28 y/o Ivano-Frankovsk
Ludmila, 31 y/o Odessa   Viktoriya, 32 y/o Kharkov