Ukrainian blonde girls photos

This photo gallery is devoted to the most attractive Ukrainian girls- blondes. Young, beautiful, sexy, they excite the imagination. When lots of men see blondes on the streets of any Ukrainian city they turn after passing by the m. And even after the view of the photos on dating sites and social networks Ukrainian girls-blondes take the leading positions. Sometimes there is an impression that Ukraine is a country of blondes as the Scandinavian states. But not everything is so simple.

Before we start to talk about the color preferences and the impact of color to the life of Ukrainian women we would like to try to determine what color can be considered natural for Ukraine. After all, as it turned out that a literary image of ‘dark haired, dark-eyed’ Ukrainian at the songs sung is nothing more than a stereotype.

A natural type of woman for Ukraine is more likely can be considered a type the with blond hair - about 42%. There are only 26% of dark haired women and the number of brunettes is 25% and the rest are brown-haired women.

At Ukrainian society it was formed a stereotype as for the color characteristics of women: The girl blonde is stupid; brunette is a bitch; a redheaded - shameless (it means an increased sexual activity of redheaded ladies). What kind of women are more successful careerists? You probably think about brunettes? According to stereotype of the bitch there is an image of a woman walking over corpses to reach her goal ... But no! It turns out that brunettes lost their first place in the rank of successful businesswomen to silly, soft, gentle blondes. And after them meet the gray mice - brown haired ladies; red foxes are ranked the last: apparently, they are the least lucky in professional career.

And now we will tell you the most terrible secret. Whom gentlemen prefer nowadays? According to a survey conducted by the Ukrainian psychologists, both men and women consider the sexiest ladies.. the blondes. ‘Oh, how simple is that! We already knew about it! ‘- you can say. But do not rush with your conclusions.

According to sexologists, the results of this study were strongly influenced by existing stereotypes in our society. In fact, psychologists clearly state that men even considering Ukrainian blondes sexier, give their preferences ... to brunettes! The reasons for this choice are in our instincts. After all, from the point of view of genetics brunettes have stronger genotype of providing a reproduction of healthy, strong offspring. Anyway, you cannot fight against nature!

Perhaps that is why Ukrainian women who consider blondes sexually more attractive to men, prefer to become dark brunettes ...a paradox! After all, Ukrainian brides attract men on a subconscious level, and it certainly plays a decisive role in their choice of hair color.

Irina, 28 y/o Kiev   Natalya, 28 y/o Mariupol
Tatyana, 42 y/o Berdyansk>   Alexandra, 27 y/o Kiev
Tatyana, 36 y/o Odessa   Irina, 18 y/o Zhaporozhye

Juliya 33y/o Lugansk   Alina, 19 y/o Kiev
Elena, 31 y/o Nikolaev   Ilona, 21 y/o Kiev
Olena, 25 y/o Kharkov   Anna, 29 y/o Lviv
Darina, 27 y/o Kharkiv   Nastya 25 y/o Krivoy Rog
Ekateryna, 27 y/o Kharkov   Julia, 30 y/o Kiev

Tatyana, 32 y/o Odessa   Tanya, 32 y/o Kherson
Katya, 25 y/o Chernigov   Kristina, 27 y/o Lugansk
Viktoriya 23y/o Dnepropetrovsk   Juliana 22y/o Sumy