Photos : Beauties from Ukraine VS Russian Ladies

It’s hard to find a Ukrainian woman who corresponds to all tastes of men. Ukraine is a quite big country with a diverse culture and various images of woman’s beauty. Almost in every city there is a standard of attractiveness all young ladies strive to. It can be a skinny or chubby girl, with small or big breasts, long or short hair, one with fair skin or a suntanned southern girl. As a rule, she has a slim figure, she’s of average height, has nice breasts, bronzy shade of skin, beautiful eyes, regular facial features, long hair, dresses well, and uses some makeup.

Kiev is a generally accepted leader in a constant cities’ contest with the most attractive ladies. One admires beauty of Kiev women, envy their bright appearance, criticize their temper, copy their style. They can’t leave anyone indifferent. Putting aside stereotypes dictated by society, what are ordinary female citizens of the Ukrainian capital like? 36 phots of girls from Kyiv that convey image of this.


Odessa was and has been a city of ‘increased comfort’ for men: local girls and women should keep a household, take care of their families, bring up children, make their contribution to family budget and at the same time manage to look flawless always and everywhere. And they manage to do it – a bright beauty, a special luxury and a sense of style of hot Odessa ladies are noticed by all tourists. 25 photos of hot beauties from Odessa.


There is often an opinion that Kherson women are the most attractive in Ukraine. It is questionable, but in real life they take much care of their appearance. Even if nature hasn’t gifted a girl with a natural beauty, she will keep her weaknesses with the help of make-up and fashionable clothes. However, an appearance is just a part of a more complicated image of a provincial Ukrainian woman. 18 photos of Kherson brides from the dating agency catalogue


To make up a sound image of a Ukrainian woman you should necessarily pay your attention at female citizens of the north of the country, for example, Kharkov girls. They differ very much by their type of beauty as well as by a whole set of psychological features of character. Having looked at this set of photos you will at once notice the difference and probably you’ll want to search for a Ukrainian bride in Kharkov.


‘Just after my arrival girls from Lvov stroke me with their beauty and I felt as in a fairy kingdom at first … Unusual beauty of women (nowhere else in Europe and maybe even in the whole world you won’t see anything like this) is explained by the fact that in western Ukraine many bloods are mixed: Polish, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Lithuanian, German, Jewish, Hungarian, Tatar… A combination of the best came out’. It’s a quotation, but it describes women who live in Lvov to the letter


Nikolayev is a must-have program for everyone who thought of a search for a Ukrainian wife. The city has been for more than 200 years famous as the city of brides, and it’s quite deserved.


Dnepr has been for more than 200 years famous for its beautiful girls and women. Now one can say for sure that it’s the city where the most beautiful Ukrainian ladies live.