Odessa Ukraine single Ladies photos

It is usual to think that Ukrainian women are the most beautiful in the world. Maybe Ukrainian women themselves believe in that. However, in Ukraine there is a strange city that is considered to be the real ‘worksop’ of beauties. Often victories of girls on beauty contests made Odessa famous for the most charming girls living in it.

Odessa is the Southern capital of Ukraine. The city and its citizens have an inimitable character: here are honor, a brilliant humor, kindness, and hospitality. And a southern sun and sea gave birth to an original appearance and an unruly temper of women from the south of Ukraine. Surely, there are beautiful women in all cities of Ukraine. However, no matter what you say, they are special here…

It is better to go to Odessa in summer, when parks and even central streets are buried in verdure of poplars, maples, and acacias. It’s such a pleasure to go along a quay or a famous Deribasovskaya street, walk through the seaside park or in the sunny Arcadia. Especially in spring, when after short frosts (as it is well-known, southern people consider a temperature of -5 0C a frost and dress very warm) comes the long hoped-for warmth. Odessa women quickly hide their coats and take light clothing they yearned for during winter.

City changes in a week. On its streets again appear girls in mini-skirts and on high heels that are not always suitable for paved streets. It’s worth noting that Odessa women dress brighter than citizens of other cities of Ukraine. It turns out that Odessa is a southern city and when it is hot women are rather effectively undressed than dressed. It doesn’t mean that there must be an inner emptiness and greyness beyond the bright appearance – showy girls just attract more attention.

Odessa girls have been always famous for their independence, kindness, hospitality and exquisite sense of humor. Besides, in the south of Ukraine, where Odessa is more than 20 nationalities are mixed – Russians, Armenians, Greeks, Georgians, Turkish, Hebrews… The Southern sun and a location between Europe and Asia gave birth to an original appearance and temper of Odessa women. Any man who has an opportunity to travel through Ukraine will notice not only looks of these hot beauties, but their assertive temperament, purposefulness, striving to look good all the time. It’s worth acknowledging that sometimes this striving runs high: even in the hottest days Odessa women seldom leave their homes without high heels or make-up.

Surely, not all citizens of the city spend their young years to become photo models or take part in beauty contests. However, if girls have such a wish, there are some model agencies to their service that choose young beauties when they are still kids. Qualification criteria are simple – appearance, character, responsibility, and industry. Girls are taught to dance, culture of speech, etiquette, English language… Agree that the most of men dream of such a wife. That’s why Odessa is famous in the whole world as the city of the most beautiful girls and the most desired brides

Alexandra, 28 y/o   Irina, 38 y/o, Odessa
Julia, 22 y/o   Viktoriya, 32 y/o, Odessa Ukraine
Olga, 29 y/o   Katya, 18 y/o Ukraine, Odessa
Anastasiya, 19 y/o   Marina, 31 y/o
Vika, 27 y/o   Diana, 29 y/o
Mariya, 28 y/o   Yana, 21 y/o
Natalya, 28 y/o   Alena, 29 y/o, Odessa
Olga, 34 y/o   Ekateryna, 37 y/o
Olya, 31 y/o   Nastya, 19 y/o
Julia, 29 y/o   Natasha, 24 y/o, Odessa
Anna, 40 y/o   Svetlana, 21 y/o Ukraine, Odessa