This Photo Gallery is an art project is of Ukrainian dating agency a-goodwife.com, which consists of tens of thousands of photos of single girls from Ukraine. We have tried to select the most vivid and expressive images, which give the opportunity to see and appreciate the natural beauty of Ukrainian women, their femininity and sophisticated charm


The power of female beauty is sung in songs, is described in poetry and prose, is embodied in the canvases of artists. Women's appeal intoxicates and often men lose their mind; it becomes a cause of duels and wars, it is able to destroy and inspire feats. From the ancient times only men can evaluate women‘s beauty (we are not counting mirrors and girlfriends). But on one condition that he needs to see a woman in person. Now in the age of digital photography everything is changed.

At the present time, Ukrainian woman every day does something unbelievable: works and earns a living, independent, good housekeeper, mother and wife. Today's pace of life imposes certain imprint on everything that happens, you should always have time to be everywhere in time and do not miss anything. A woman always wants to be a successful woman, housekeeper; but first of all she would like to look beautiful, attractive, feminine and sexy.

So what is she, a beautiful Ukrainian woman? How does she look like? Maybe she's a petite blonde with blue eyes? Or high hazel-eyed brunette? Or maybe she is leggy redhead green-eyed lady?

Let's take a close look at the subject of our photo-research: long, slender legs, smooth and elegant lines of the body, nice breast, big eyes with long eyelashes, thick, slightly curly hair - everything is created to allow Ukrainian girl to defeat a stronger sex.

Of course, these pictures are only an attempt to appreciate the bright natural beauty of Ukrainian women. Annually in the world there are a lot of surveys conducted by different institutions to determine ‘the most beautiful’, ‘the sexiest’, ‘the most attractive’ ones. According to their results those institutions make their rating. Nevertheless, Ukrainian ladies do not leave the world rating and surprise everyone by their eternal beauty and femininity

Many men who have been to Ukraine deservedly love the southern capital of the country – Odessa. A warm and soft climate, clean warm sea and snow-white beaches, a memorable architecture and, surely, amazingly beautiful women are hard to forget. Girls from Odessa have been long ago considered the most attractive ones not only in Ukraine but in the whole Europe. The most charming Odessa ladies in our photo-rating

Women from Kiev are not just very beautiful, they are very communicative, they can steal your heart at the first sight, as the magazine for travelers says. They look like they can do unreal things for you. In fact, it’s true. With such comments Kiev went to top-5 of cities with the most beautiful brides. Let’s look at the photo and make sure in this by ourselves.

Looking through the pages of the websites of Ukrainian dating and marriage agencies, many men say that almost all the girls look like photo models. Many of them even doubt about the real existence of the girls because of the fact that they are too good to be alone. What is actually behind the photos of Ukrainian beauties?

It is considered that Russian and Ukrainian girls have nothing to share in the sphere of beauty – they are equally attractive and popular with men. We’d like to check this with your help. We offer to compare and evaluate photos of close neighbors – Russian and Ukrainian women. Well, women’s beauty: Russian VS Ukrainian one.

In the deep of Ukraine, in a city with an ancient history Poltava one can understand what classic feminine Ukrainian beauty is. We offer you to look at photos of ‘typical’ Ukrainian girls from the central part of the country, where a bright natural attractiveness combined with a constant self-improvement make Poltava ladies the most enviable brides.

A striving to beauty has always been peculiar of Ukrainian women. In every epoch there was its own ideal. So, in the ancient Greece slim figures were in vogue, and among Slavic folks voluptuous women’s forms were in the fashion. Nowadays a preference is given to slim and tiny figures of Ukrainian girls, but voluptuous forms haven’t fade away.

One should admit that there are no general standards of beauty in Ukraine equal for everyone (as well as in the whole world) and there have never been such. In every Ukrainian girl one can find a zest and ignore the statistics, generally accepted standards of beauty and their correspondence to sex-symbols. However, the statistics asserts that Ukraine is a country of the most beautiful women in the world. And these photos of Ukrainian beauties are a proof of this.


A man and a woman are created as a mutual addition to one another, not an equivalent. In the ‘unisex’ epoch men more and more often pay attention at not only appearance but character, cleanliness, sensitiveness, neatness and other qualities of a woman which one can call only one word – femininity. It’s femininity that is the main quality of Ukrainian women. Look at these photos, isn’t it so?


Hot or Sexy Ukrainian girls are not just hot dolls in mini-skirts, stockings and a bright lipstick. It’s an absolutely special quality that can’t be described in one word: appearance, character or manner of behavior. One can say that it’s something delicate, elusive, often consisting of opposites: sureness in oneself and amenability, calmness and assertiveness, attention of men and independence. Make sure in it by yourselves in our photo gallery.


You cannot disagree that the blondes always stand out from the crowd; their well-maintained, beautiful hair attract envious and admiring glances. Some people do not like them, but this is personal; but maybe these feelings are associated with the negative reputation that haunts the girls with blonde hair? Although many of the blondes prove that they are not stupid, they know how to make money, drive a car, and in general, they are worthy brunettes, but also many men. In order attract, rather than repel, Ukrainian blondes have to work very hard because ‘the sexiest hair color’ is not an easy burden ...


Ukrainian brunette girls mean a fire, a passion, and a challenge. It is considered that dark hair obliges one to a rougher temper, to a magic look, and to a killing sexuality. Many people think that brunette women want to live only by their own rules. Many foreign men are really afraid of a possibility of building a relationship with a Ukrainian brunette bride, because a dragon lady or a femme fatale is in a man’s idea of a dark-haired woman. In real life it’s not more than a myth


Red hair color has always possessed a special magic. It attracted looks and left nobody indifferent. Long ago people looked at red-haired women cautiously. After some time, people changed their idea for admiration and surprise about such an unusual gift of nature. Photo of Ukrainian red-haired beauties in or gallery.


Principles that real ladies follow were worked out long ago – in the past century and the century before past. However, for Ukrainian women they are still challenging, as a fashion for good upbringing and an ability to behave in society right are almost unchangeable! Just think – has something changed since that time? No! Everything passes by! However, common courtesy, simple rules of etiquette and knowing how to look beautiful and stylish remain. Look at these photos – real ladies from Ukraine are in front of you.


Ukrainian girls are attractive not only in their clothing, but in bikini as well. They are ‘Queens of a beach’. It’s impossible to stop looking at them. They demonstrate a model of femininity, beauty and health. They have something to show and they have nothing to be ashamed of. Bikini are compulsory attributes of every Ukrainian lady’s wardrobe. They add to an intrigue, bright emotions and impressions, they open horizons of a beach holiday and acquaintances. It’s not only an element of closing…


According to psychologists, looking through photo galleries of dating sites, one can achieve a great success in physiognomics, a science defining qualities and characteristics of a person by a photo. It may be useful for men who turn to dating agencies in search for brides


What is the hair color of women who most often have a success in career? What kind of women is considered to be sexier by Ukrainian men: blondes, brunettes, chestnuts or red ones? Can a woman become more successful after changing her haircut? Answers to these and many other questions concerning a form, style, and color of Ukrainian women’s hair are given by psychologists. Besides, they assert that one can define a character of a girl by a photo on a dating site. It’s enough to just look at her hair and her haircut…


Numerous ways are in front of a beautiful woman. In front of a smart and attractive one are the ways that bring power and wealth. However, tempting breasts will definitely not harm neither a beautiful nor a smart woman. In one popular Ukrainian film a heroine was asked a question: ‘Why did you decide that you can go there and find everything you need? – Because I have beautiful breasts’. And she was right, as big breasts are a real weapon of a Ukrainian woman.


Ukrainian ladies like it when men admire them. A photo session in lingerie isn’t just a perfect way of demonstrating advantages of one’s figure in the best perspective, but also emphasize one’s femininity and sexuality with the help of lingerie, stockings, body jackets and other accessories. As a result, we have intriguing erotic photos of Ukrainian beauties.