Photos : Beauties from Ukraine VS Russian Ladies

To make the contest of women’s beauty between Russian and Ukrainian girls and women from Russia more objective, we will compare not models who shine on podiums of high fashion but ordinary women. In front of you are photos of lonely young ladies taken from sites of two dating agencies – a Ukrainian and a Russian one.

What is a beautiful woman? The one possessing a velvet skin and long legs? Having big breasts or a slim one? Tall or tiny, a blonde or a hot brunette? What parameters should a lady possess to be popular with men? Asking yourself these questions you are sure to make the same conclusion that many other people made: a beautiful woman is somewhat more than an ideal face and figure, beautiful long hair and a stylish outlook. There are many attractive girls both in Russia and in Ukraine, their beauty is alike, but at the same time it’s completely different. A special factor in our opinion is their inner beauty, which is an abstract notion in which characters, feelings, and emotions are mixed.

In a photo you see now there are different types of Slavic beauty combined. An easy, provoking, and playful with Ukrainian girls and deeper, sensuous, and complicated world of Russian women.

In the photos of Ukrainian women one can feel self-assurance. Every of them considers herself a unique, special, the only person who can’t be compared to anybody, and they feel themselves out of criticism and competition. It gives freedom of actions, braveness, relaxedness and charm. Then there is sureness in everything: in one’s look, smile, gestures, manner of speaking and laughing.

In the photos of Russian women the main role is played by charm and sincerity. Using these qualities Russian beauties attract people to themselves and they easily become a center of attention, they get acquainted quickly and have a great attention of men. The secret of their inner beauty is in their ability to be herself, knowing to respect herself, ‘show herself’ without any factitious and artistic gestures, without any excessive shyness or constraint.

You are to choose winners in this photo contest between Russian and Ukrainian brides by yourselves, on the assumption of your own tastes and preferences. And any choice will be absolutely right.

Elena, 35 y/o Novosibirsk, Russia   Anna, 26 y/o Nikopol. Ukraine
Anna, 31 y/o Venev, Russia   Alena, 23 y/o Kiev, Ukraine

Julia, 40 y/o Moscow, Russia   Julia, 30 y/o Berdichev, Ukraine
Alexandra 28 y/o Sverdlovsk, Russia   Ekateryna, 28 y/o Kiev, Ukraine
Tatyana, 24 y/o Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia   Juliya, 35 y/o Zhitomyr, Ukraine
Mariya, 22 y/o Krasnodar, Russia   Olga, 24 y/o Pavlograd, Ukraine
Nina, 22 y/o Sankt-Peterburg, Russia   Juliya, 33 y/o Kiev, Ukraine
Olga, 31 y/o Krasnodar Russia   Anzhelika, 25 y/o Kiev Ukraine

Darya, 25 y/o Fokino, Russia   Tatyana, 36 y/o Kharkov, Ukraine
Irina, 24 y/o Kursk, Russia   Irina, 27 y/o Kharkov, Ukraine