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A curious tourist is interested not only in beaches and mountains – he also wants a tasty cuisine, friendly locals, and an unobtrusive service. And, surely, beauty, for him not to fasten his eyes on anybody. The international magazine Traveler’s Digest having questioned more than a thousand and a half of travelers made up a rating of cities where the most beautiful women live. Surely, the rating, is subjective, but Kiev deservedly occupies the first line in it.

If you are a single man free from relations, and you want to go somewhere with your friends during the coming holidays, but you haven’t decided yet where to go, in your choice we offer you to look to not only climate but, places of interest or gastronomic specialties, but beauty and sexuality of Kiev women as well. They’ll delight your eye and thrill you, as while resting with your friends you’ll be able to absolutely freely keep your head on a swivel and enjoy looking on something beautiful.

It seems that every woman in the capital of Ukraine is a beauty. Look at these photos. You come to a shop or a café and see at a counter a top model from a glossy zine cover. And the same thing everywhere. Besides, these women are keen on parties and know how to get pleasure and give it to their partner. They are well-educated, communicative, friendly, many of them speak English and are not against experiments in sex. It seems that these women are created for giving pleasure to a man. Blonde and blue-eyed, bright brunettes, slim chestnuts – try to find such a concentration of feminine beauty and sexuality somewhere else! Beauty is not standard now, it’s in diversity. We would like to show it in this photo gallery.

There’s a great number of attractive girls in Kiev, they are beautiful. They are not always natural – a fashion for plastic surgery and enlargement of everything one can enlarge is at fault here. However, at the same time all of them are harmonious, active, charismatic, and desired. These Kiev beauties are in a constant search of a suitable man for life, marriage, and family. Men, especially foreign ones get used of it. For this aim there are many clubs in the city where one can easily meet local beauties. And dating agencies and services of Kiev are just loaded with photos of lonely beauties.

What do women from Kiev want of life? Here everything corresponds to the Ukrainian tendency – family, children, an interesting job… However, southern independence is to be seen here as well! Among Kiev ladies, especially young ones, there’s often a wish to have a business of one’s own. Is it possible to expect anything different from a descendant of one of the most freedom-loving European nations?
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Yana, 26 y/o   Lena, 23 y/o Kiev
Alexandra, 26 y/o Kiev   Tatyana, 21 y/o

>Sofiya, 25 y/o   Nadezhda, 21 y/o
Yanina, 21 y/o   Tatyana, 27 y/o
Sasha, 24 y/o   Alina, 22 y/o
Juliya, 27 y/o Kiev   Marina, 21 y/o
Tatyana, 31 y/o   Elena, 29 y/o

Ilona, 21 y/o   Ekaterina, 24 y/o
Anna, 21 y/o   Natalya, 32 y/o
Liliya. 21 y/o   Irina, 27 y/o
Olga, 26 y/o   Anna, 33 y/o