Statistics management of Ukraine published a very interesting information: in what regions of Ukraine there’s the biggest number of slim and chubby women. It turned out that one must go to Kiev, Cherkassy and Volin regions for slim brides. There live the greatest number of slim girls. And if you like ‘big’ beauties go to Poltava, Donetsk, Zaporozhe, Kherson, and looking girls from Nikolayev region. There’s the greatest number of chubby women.

In general, in Ukraine 14,6 % (or every 7th one) of women have an excess weight, (in the USA, according to the American Medical Association, every 3d one is considered to be fat).

Regional peculiarities of slimness and voluptuousness also have their explanations: in Kiev there are so many slim women because here is the highest level of education, and people know how to eat healthy and try to correspond to beauty standards. In western regions there are few girls who are obese or too skinny, as there is the highest level of physical activity (high rate of rural population), and a healthy rural food is popular here. South-east is more urbanized: a city way of life, unhealthy food, absence of motion which leads to a relatively high number of chubby beauties.

However, in Ukraine not only tall and slim girls who have a model’s appearance have been valued, but women pleasant in all relations – with voluptuous breasts and nice butts. Chubby women have unquestionable advantages letting them blind slim ones: it’s a cuddly décolleté zone and classy breasts.

Look at these photos – every Ukrainian lady is beautiful by herself. There are no ugly women, there are lazy ones, as Coco Chanel asserted.

Anastasiya, 23 y/o   Elvira 26 y/o
Elena, 23 y/o   Anastasiya, 25 y/o

Oksana, 22 y/o   Kseniya, 22 y/o
Kristina, 24 y/o   Elena, 22 y/o
Alena, 24 y/o   Liliya, 23 y/o
Natalya 23 y/o   Varya, 24 y/o

Masha, 25 y/o   Marina, 28 y/o
Anna, 22 y/o   Ariadna, 28 y/o