Girls from Lviv, Ukraine - gallery of photos

As well as all Ukrainian women they are famous for their ‘Slavic beauty’, sexuality and femininity confirmed by the global success of many top models. However, except admiration and compliments popular stereotypes about ‘Slavic women’ are applied to Lvov women and are popular.

Well, many people patronizingly call them ‘humble housewives’ with an old-fashioned attitude to their career, maternity and home and they are accused of an excessive love to inappropriate revealing clothes, high heels and bright make-up.

Lvov girls don’t haste to unveil such myths, they just don’t pay attention to such reasoning, letting foreign men to come to Lvov themselves and make their own conclusions. And such a strategy bears its fruits – a number of marriages with foreigners grows and foreigners themselves on thematic forums have started to call the main ‘accessories’ of modern Lvov women not their beauty at all, but their ‘calm virtue’.

Many foreigners notice that girls from Lvov are very calm and self-sufficing. Among them you can’t often find those who like to chat with a friend about intimate things in an office or greet a new person and start hugging them at once.

Lviv women are polite but sincere, for this they are especially valued by Americans. In the USA it’s customary to smile to everyone without any reason which often prevents from judging one’s sincerity. Ukrainian women can seem cold, but foreigners consider them less superficial and sincerer, and a refusal to express active theatrical friendliness is quite logical.

One can unambiguously assert that modern Lviv ladies inherited a striking mixture from strong family values, Slavic attractiveness, self-esteem, and independence.

Viktoriya 20 y/o   Irina, 32 y/o
Julia, 32 y/o
Anastasiya, 20 y/o   Zoryana, 26 y/o

Elena, 37 y/o   Galina, 33 y/o
Ludmila, 29 y/o
Vera, 40 y/o   Marta, 35 y/o
Anastasiya, 30 y/o   Elena, 34 y/o
Roksolana, 28 y/o   Oksana, 31 y/o
Galina, 24 y/o   Oksana, 33 y/o
Ludmila, 28 y/o   Kseniya, 32 y/o
Tatyana, 36 y/o

Olga, 23 y/o   Diana, 20 y/o
Julia, 20 y/o   Kristina, 40 y/o
Ika, 23 y/o   Liliya, 25 y/o