Kiev Ukraine girls - 24 photos

Kiev women are acknowledged in the whole world as a model of femininity and attractiveness. They manage to look at the touch of a button in any situation.

‘Modesty and luxury are sisters’, as Coco Chanel asserted. Mildness and elegance are really characteristic of Kiev women. Such a style is dictated by the capital fashion. However, a national Ukrainian zest makes its impact as transparent or explicitly tight-fitting clothes and shoes on high heels. A demonstration of femininity and sexuality in everything – this rule is used by almost all Kiev girls.

A slim figure is considered to be one of distinguishing features of Kiev beauties, as it’s the capital that is considered to be a lawmaker of Ukrainian fashion. And, naturally, into all these beauty standards fits well tended hair, an unshowy manicure with delicate shadows of subtle perfume.

Young Kiev women are hot, emotional and strong. They work equally with men (though it’s hard to believe), play sports, in general they wonderfully combine in themselves a mystery of Mona Lisa and all traits of a flapper. Their motto is ‘everything that gives joy, fun and helps to look a million dollars should be in the life of every Ukrainian girl.’ By the way, they devote far not the least place here to sex. Of course, there are those who will question these statements, as in any rule there are exceptions. However, in their majority single Kiev girls are like this.

Anna, 26 y/o   Tatyana, 24 y/o
Nadezhda, 21 y/o   Darina, 27 y/o

Ekateryna, 29 y/o   Daria, 28 y/o
Viktoriya, 33 y/o   Angelina, 22 y/o
Svetlana, 29 y/o   Julia, 27 y/o/
Svetlana, 40 y/o   Elena, 36 y/o
Kristina, 31 y/o   Elena, 30 y/o
Olga, 23 y/o   Dasha, 21 y/o

Karina, 23 y/o   Ivanna, 30 y/o
Olga, 26 y/o   Anna, 21 y/o
Dariya, 26 y/o   Julia, 24 y/o