Kharkov brides- photo gallery

Kharkov is a northern city of Ukraine that is located by the Russian border, which from many points defines a special type of Kharkov girls’ beauty. Differences in appearance are conditioned by origin as well as genetic mixture with nations that live nearby. Beauty of Kharkov women tends more to northern, Finnish Baltic type. This is fair hair (bright fair, dark blond, light blond) and eyes (blue, grey, green), regular, but in relation to the type of southern beauties (for example, from Odessa, Nikolayev and Kherson) smaller, more exquisite facial features.

If beauty of women from northern Ukraine (who are very much like Russian girls) can be compared with a crystal cold winter or a timid early spring, southern beauties are of course a swing of August, the hottest time. Every of these types is good. As for an answer to the question which one is the best, here it’s to everyone’s liking. Characters of women differ as much as appearance of Ukrainian women. In Kharkov they are reserved, yielding and tolerant. They excuse many things to their man, and a habit of playing ‘the second role’ in the family is quite natural for many of them. These differences in characters are confirmed by the statistics of divorces. In Kharkov there are 48% of them from the whole number of marriages, and in the south of Ukraine there are 57%. So those who think about a search of a Ukrainian bride should pay their special attention at this city.

Slenderness of figure, lightness of walk, a slim waist, high breasts, long legs, an ideal oval of face, big eyes, fair hair and a small nose – it’s an average image of a beautiful girls in Kharkov which is demonstrated by our photo gallery.

Elena, 39 y/o   Viktoriya, 34 y/o
Julia, 32 y/o

Alyona, 29 y/o   Irina, 29 y/o
Tatyana, 27 y/o   Irina, 25 y/o
Natalya, 38 y/o
Ira, 27 y/o   Nataliya, 35 y/o

Alisa, 28 y/o   Anastasiya, 25 y/o
Anna, 18 y/o   Elena, 21 y/o
Anna, 28 y/o   Vika, 24 y/o
Inna, 27 y/o   Karina, 20 y/o
Julia, 20 y/o
Ella, 21 y/o   Ekateryna, 25 y/o
Anna, 22 y/o   Marina, 39 y/o
Tatyana, 32 y/o   Mariya, 26 y/o