Dnepr Girls:

Dnepropetrovsk has been for more than 200 years famous for its beautiful girls and women. Now one can say for sure that it’s the city where the most beautiful Ukrainian ladies live.

Many world-famous top models, TV-stars and business ladies have either been born, lived or studied in Dnepropetrovsk.

For example, the famous Ukrainian singer, actress and TV presenter Vera Brezhneva. Born in Dnepropetrovsk, a Ukrainian model, singer, TV presenter and actress Dasha Astafieva. She achieved fame after winning the Playmate of the Month title of the anniversary Playboy magazine.

Ukrainian top-model, the first Ukrainian who found her way to ‘Miss World 2000’ Alena Scherban was also born in Dnepr. In 2006 she found herself in top-5 of ‘Miss Ukraine Universe’, had picture taken for covers of many magazines, came into the top 100 of the most influential women of Ukraine.

Appearance of these girls is different in its special aristocracy. Ladies from Dnepr always try to look a billion dollars and they take good care of their health. They dress with a good taste, but not in a fanciful way, they wear accessories but moderately, they like make-up, but a natural and unshowy one.

Women from Dnepr are calm and reserved, they are well-bred and tactful. Local ladies have very fine and creative nature. They are perfect housewives. Every of them cooks well and will treat her guests with pleasure. They make wonderful caring wives. Modern girls are very well-educated, at the same time they strive to independence. Many of them make a brilliant career and occupy leading positions, at the same time staying perfect wives and mothers. It’s very hard not to notice Dnepropetrovsk women, as nature gifted them with an unspeakable attractiveness. As well as all Ukrainians, as a rule they are bright-eyed blondes of middle height with perfect slim figures. The girls’ faces are just an artist’s dream. They are symmetric, feminine and attractive. A straight big nose, thin lips and a little knife-edge chin make an unforgettable impression of these women.

Favorite places for acquaintances in Dnepropetrovsk are usually parks, trading and entertainment centers, numerous cafes and clubs as well as the Quay. Going to any of these place in Dnepropetrovsk you’ll not just have a good time, but also have an opportunity to get acquainted with local girls.

Veronika, 24 y/oTatyana, 35 y/o
Katerina, 27 y/o   Juliya, 28 y/o

Ekaterina, 21 y/o   Nataliya, 26 y/o
Anna, 30 y/o   Olga, 30 y/o
Alena, 26 y/o   Anastasiya, 21 y/o
Vika, 25 y/o   Ludmila, 26 y/o
Anna, 30 y/o   Jeanna, 19 y/o
Katya, 21 y/o   Liza, 27 y/o
Elena, 22 y/o   Antonina, 31 y/o
Olga, 19 y/o

Ludmila, 35 y/o   Kseniya, 25 y/o
Elena, 33 y/o   Lelya, 29y/o
Alina, 27 y/o   Irina, 33 y/o